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Pucker up // 16 Famous Kisses in the History of Art

They're kissing, we're telling.... Here are some of the most iconic kisses in the history of art, as seen by our favorite Masters. Which one is your favorite? Continue reading ›

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Thadius Says

Thadius is a brave-hearted little dude with a lot to say — albeit one word at a time and chosen carefully, so do pay attention. A self-proclaimed freak, Thadius is in search of like minded peeps for the revolution —  come strut outside of convention and for all that is good and righteous — dance, play and ... Continue reading ›

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Here Come the Graffiti Robots!

Of all art, graffiti probably has the widest discrepancy between the off-handed-ness of its creation and the intensity of the art theory surrounding it. So it's no surprise that added to the mountains of academic papers and discussions is a movement to catalog and organize its slap-dash squiggles. Which, of course, leads only to one thing: ... Continue reading ›

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Come draw with Brooklyn Art Project on the world’s biggest shared digital canvas

We set up Brooklyn Art Project area for everyone to draw on a shared digital canvas that anyone can draw on or upload images to. It was created by the geniuses over at Ltd, a London based start-up that got the attention of Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the father of World Wide Web) who loves the ... Continue reading ›