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Kara Walker : An Instagram Homage

Just sharing this Instagram photo I snapped en route to the Metropolitan Museum earlier this morning. As I walked up Fifth Avenue, I got to Grand Army Plaza and found myself admiring the Pulitzer Fountain backlit against the gleaming Plaza Hotel. The noontime sunlight had created a stark silhouette of the sculpture of Pomona, the Roman goddess of abundance, created by ... Continue reading ›

Professional photographer. Book lover. Art enthusiast.

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Pucker up // 16 Famous Kisses in the History of Art

They're kissing, we're telling.... Here are some of the most iconic kisses in the history of art, as seen by our favorite Masters. Which one is your favorite? Continue reading ›

Professional photographer. Book lover. Art enthusiast.

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20 Adams & 20 Eves // Through the Eyes of Art’s Most Beloved Masters

I got the idea from the sweet Fuji apple I was having for breakfast, and before I knew it, I found myself combing Pinterest for the most popular Adams and Eves in art history. Which is your favorite?  Personally, I find myself drawn to the one by Massacio.   Continue reading ›

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Thadius Says

Thadius is a brave-hearted little dude with a lot to say — albeit one word at a time and chosen carefully, so do pay attention. A self-proclaimed freak, Thadius is in search of like minded peeps for the revolution —  come strut outside of convention and for all that is good and righteous — dance, play and ... Continue reading ›

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Verge Brooklyn Art Fair /// BAP Participates

We at the Brooklyn Art Project are very excited to announce that we will be participating in the Verge Brooklyn Art Fair taking place 12pm to 10pm, March 3 - 6. While this fair is taking place during the same weekend as many others, it is unprecedented in a way we are very proud of: It's ... Continue reading ›

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Artist Interview: Liz Burow, Brooklyn, NYC

10 QUESTIONS // Liz Burow - Brooklyn, NYC 1. What inspires you these days? Do it yourself culture. 2. Who are your heroes? All my friends who left their jobs to do what they really love. 3. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Fewer car/asphalt experiences, more bike/grass experiences. 4. What scares the hell out of you? Surface parking lots, road rage, workaholics, ... Continue reading ›

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Medusa; pencil on paper Multifaceted artist, Dan Ouellette, is an explorer. His creative work delves into the psyche exposing truths and ideas, uncomfortable to some, about commonly held perceptions. Viewing his work renders you a voyeur staring into the private lives of deviants, who dare you to confront uncomfortable truths about yourself. His creatures, ... Continue reading ›

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Green Spaces for Green Faces!

Teardrop sculpture (detail) by Susan Benarcik Green Spaces New York, a wonderful organization that helps green entrepreneurs thrive by offering inexpensive office space and other services, just launched its Manhattan office. As part of the celebration, they asked New York artist, Susan Benarcik, to curate an exhibit in their space consisting of artwork that tackles environmental ... Continue reading ›