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VIDEO: Brooklyn Art Project visits with the Dumagat tribe in SE Asia

My two year exploration of the Philippines and other areas in SE Asia have given me some of the most compelling experiences of my life. One of which happened just this past weekend. No fancy hotels or luxurious resorts, just a simple village hidden away in the mountains filled with people who ... Continue reading ›

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Sound Drawing Created from Obama’s Acceptance Speech

The drawing above was automatically generated from a tool invented over at http://www.zefrank.com that draws an image based on sound waves from your microphone. I.e. low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise. After playing around for a bit with my own voice, I put the microphone next to the speaker while Obama's ... Continue reading ›

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BAP Member’s Printing Firm Chosen by Obama Administration to Print Inaugural Invitations

We're extremely proud to congratulate BAP member, client, and friend Sheila Donnelly. Along with her Father, Jim Donnelly they run the award winning Brooklyn based printing firm Precise Continental, which was recently chosen to produce one million gold-and-black engraved invitations for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Precise has now been featured on ... Continue reading ›

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Word Cloud of Top 100 Words Used by Obama and McCain Campaigns on August 5th, 2008

We've launched an Election 08 Campaign Wordcloud Project here at Brooklynartproject.com where we take periodic snapshots of each campaign using web 2.0 technology to gain visual insight into Obama's and McCain's political messaging. Web 2.0 spawned Politics 2.0, and with all the data out there, we can see the bigger picture for ourselves. The talking points ... Continue reading ›