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100 Artists Selected for Brooklyn Art Project Quarterly #1

Choosing art for the first issue of the BAP Quarterly was no easy task. There were literally hundreds of excellent entries from around the world to choose from. In the end, I chose an eclectic mixture of works that evinced a mixture of high technical chops, alluring concept and great composition. Drawing, painting, multi-media, sculpture, illustration, etc ... Continue reading ›

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Artist Interview: Joseph Gaston New York, NY

We're thrilled to have graffiti artist Joseph Gaston drawing live at Sapphire Lounge tonight as a part of BAP's 4 night Creative Week event. Joseph Gaston is an urban artist whose major work is mainly focused on the influences and roots of street art. Come by tonight and see him in action. Click here for more ... Continue reading ›

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6 top picks for the 2011 NY Photo Festival

We're incredibly excited for the 2011 NY Photo Festival, seems like it gets better every year - this time around is no exception. There are exhibitions all throughout DUMBO (click here for map & additional info). Tickets are available at 1 Main Street Storefront. There are also some great lectures by Apeture, Artlog, CCNY, Parsons, NYPH and ... Continue reading ›

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Artist Interview: Molly Crabapple, New York, NY

1. What inspires you these days? Caffeine. Naked girl parties, silly rich people, big canvases, pretty shoes that hurt. 2. Who are your heroes? Christopher Hitchens, Joan Sfar and Fatima Mernissi rock my socks. 3. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Sitting in my loft when the sun is shining just right drinking epic strong coffee and reading comics. 4. What ... Continue reading ›

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Call for Entries – Exhibition and Premeire Issue of BAP Quarterly

Upload what you consider to be your best work ever by March 2nd, 2011. Submissions will be guest curated by Samantha Levin of Anagnorisis Fine Arts and curator for White Rabbit in the Lower East Side, NYC. Selected works will be featured digitally at Brooklyn Art Project's booth at Verge Art Brooklyn during NYC's Armory Week attended by ... Continue reading ›