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Battle for Brooklyn Winners Announced

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our first competition. It was a huge success and we were really impressed with member's talent. There were 100 entries submitted from around the world in just the first few days. The three winners below will go on to be featured in our group show here in Brooklyn on September 28, ... Continue reading ›

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Battle for Brooklyn /// call for entries

Brooklyn Art Project is proud to announce, "Battle for Brooklyn", a competition that gives artists from around the world a chance to compete for three slots in a Brooklyn based group show on September 28th, 29th, 30th. To enter, artists sign up as members of Brooklyn Art Project (free), upload their best work, then tag it ... Continue reading ›

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NYC Battle of the Fugliest

The Municipal Arts Society has launched a nyc-wide competition for the ugliest photo of those infamous newsracks. The uglier the better. The ugliest of the ugly wins a $100 gift certificate to Urban Center Books. The competition (called OUTRAGE!) is open until September 14th, after which Vanessa Gruen, Director of Special Projects for MAS will share the ... Continue reading ›

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brooklyn art project mashup one /// consciousness

The theme of our first mash-up is "consciousness". It's something we all experience, yet even the most brilliant minds struggle to grasp it. Artists over the ages have created their own depictions of it. What's yours? Click here or the image above for participation instructions. The project will be open for mashing until June 13th. Member Jonathan Price kicked things off ... Continue reading ›

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Here Come the Zliks

If you live in NYC, get yerself to in the Lower East Side. They're featuring a show called "Attack of the Zliks" where participating artists each designed their own creature (Zliks) using the same base. "ZLIKS mark the first major joint production between Brooklyn based artist Andrew Bell's Dyzplastic toys and the talents of Richard VanOver's California ... Continue reading ›