Just sharing this Instagram photo I snapped en route to the Metropolitan Museum earlier this morning.

As I walked up Fifth Avenue, I got to Grand Army Plaza and found myself admiring the Pulitzer Fountain backlit against the gleaming Plaza Hotel. The noontime sunlight had created a stark silhouette of the sculpture of Pomona, the Roman goddess of abundance, created by Karl Bitter in 1916.

It was a scene reminiscent of Kara Walker’s cutouts — complete with a playful speckling of foliage as frame — and it is for this reason that I lovingly dedicate this photo to her.

Homage to Kara Walker, 2014.

Homage to Kara Walker, 2014.

By the way, I used Instagram’s Amaro filter, which gives the image a cool, bluish tone. I also tinkered around with the brightness and contrast of the image, and layered a radial tilt shift effect — mush that I am — for a little nostalgia.

Now off I go to see El Greco!