Professionalized degree programs in the arts expand in number year by year. Appealing to prospective students as sites for creative development and immersive, hands-on experience, a wholly utopian vision is coupled with the more pragmatic promise of a potential ticket to job security and stable income in the ever-destabilizing and highly competitive market of freelancers and the self-employed. While a practical means of quite literally buying time (often at exorbitant costs) and acquiring the tools to formulate a position, the programs in their sheer multitude have left many in search of some discerning measures—how might parallel institutional offerings within the broad discipline of culture distinguish themselves from one another and to where do they lead?
Situated within a general climate that is overrun with qualified Bachelor graduates, employment scarcity and seemingly insurmountable mounds of student debt, it is assumed that advanced degrees in the arts act as gateways towards solid professional networks and resources.
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