Put your hands together for:
– D. Graham Burnett on the complicated genealogy of confetti
– Jeffrey Kastner in conversation with Nicola Humble on the festive history of cake
– George Pendle on stamps issued by countries to celebrate the achievements of other countries
– Christopher Turner in conversation with Ian Hodder on the Neolithic origins of human celebration
– James Trainor on the history of Israeli New Year’s cards
– Plus: an artist project by Pradeep Dalal
And then join in the festivities as:
– Sasha Archibald praises the discreet charms of book indexes
– Jacob Hodes reports on the past, and possible future, of the shipping pallet 
– Celeste Olalquiaga explores the strange fates of Caracas’s El Helicoide complex
– Josh Berson surveys the relationship between color and language
– Andrea K. Scott considers the color bittersweet
– Herant Katchadourian investigates the Catholic sin of scrupulosity
– Martin Kemp and Manya Pagiavla browse through Leonardo da Vinci’s book inventory
– Wayne Koestenbaum watches oldsters necking for his new “Legend” column
– Yara Flores speculates on the Christological subtext of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
– Plus: an artist project by Serkan Ozkaya

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