Eva Kotatkova and Dominik Lang are both fascinated by the institutional characteristics of the various systems that shape and structure our lives. At Project Arts Centre, the two Czech artists have collaborated for the first time: Wasteland is an installation that suggests at once a storage yard, a ghost estate, or a place for discarded ideas and methodologies: a place where natural, found and sculpted objects are wrapped as though for shipping, or prepared for post, but with an absurd attention to form and detail. Wasteland is filled with ‘humble objects’ (Lang), ‘institutional rules’ (Kotatkova), structures, fencing, geometric forms, phantoms, imagined items and salvaged things. Through a series of letters, we formulate an idea of a park in transit, detailed down to an abandoned book left on a bench, the wrecked metal bars of a fence and the particularly challenging logistics of transporting a puddle.
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