Haus der Kulturen der Welt starts its new program year in February with the theme days Narrating War. The project asks: What is it about the experience of extreme violence that that makes it so difficult to understand and to speak about? What does describing the “indescribable” mean for the survivors, and for those who have been spared—and for the observers? Narrating War, conceptualized by publicist Carolin Emcke and historian Valentin Groebner, is devoted to this paradox.
How do mortal remains, DNA samples, and satellite images become forensic evidence? What role do imaging techniques and methods of representation play in the investigation of crimes or political acts of violence? On the basis of studies carried out in a three-year research project with around 20 participants at Goldsmiths in London, the exhibition Forensis, curated by Eyal Weizman and Anselm Franke (March 15 to May 5) explores the procedures, tools, and spatial techniques used in forensics, as well as its potential as a new aesthetic-political practice.
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