The Wyspa Institute of Art and Alternativa Editions are proud to announce the publication of Ewa Partum’s monograph book edited by Aneta Szy?ak, Ewa Ma?gorzata Tatar and Berenika Partum. 
The comprehensive, 340-page volume consists of the broad and partly first-time published documentation of Partum’s nearly half-century-long oeuvre and contains an updated monographic chronicle of the works and activities insightfully researched by Angelika Stepken. The essay part consists of texts by Grzegorz Dziamski, Dorota Monkiewicz, Luiza Nader, ?ukasz Ronduda, Aneta Szy?ak, Ewa Ma?gorzata Tatar and Andrzej Turowski. The book is designed by Anna Hegman and Grzegorz Laszuk whilst Tomasz Bersz and Marian Misiak are responsible for the Alternativa Editions Monographs series covers.
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