Southern Panoramas points out new ways to think and experience contemporary art production and its potencies
Featuring artwork submitted during a 2012 open call, the Southern Panoramas show gives visibility to an expressive cross-section of recent art from the geopolitical South of the world (Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania), which in turn calls upon us to detect a set of aesthetical, political, social, and subjective issues that characterize both contemporaneity, in a broader sense, and the specific tensions typical of each territory. 
In that sense, the show proposes a re-articulation of the curating construct: far from setting out to prove a theoretical line of thought or building a closed-off curatorial discourse, it operates through tensioning to build a show sensibly, all the while considering the social, political and economic differences that characterize the complexity of contemporary geopolitics and art production from the geopolitical South.
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