Hello Monday put together a team of eight to launch this important Greenpeace site in time for the group’s North Pole expedition declaring the area a protected sanctuary. More than a campaign site, the aim was to provide Greenpeace with a lasting tool for raising awareness about the encroaching oil industry and what Greenpeace is doing about it.

The core feature is a map of the Arctic region, which creates a visual context for the journeys, with log-book-style panels providing in-depth editorial content. “We very consciously avoided scare tactics,” said the Hello Monday team. “The message and the content itself underline the seriousness of the expeditions, which left us room to create appealing design and interaction.”

Initially, the team thought they would be able to work from an existing map-service, like Google maps or OpenMaps, but since the ice-covered Arctic Ocean is not covered by these maps, they instead drew a giant, hi-res, illustrative map by studying NASA satellite photos. Then, zoom and panning features were added to make it feel like the familiar map tools.

The huge viral response to the site came from two groups—the strong network of local Greenpeace offices and supporters and designers and developers impressed with such skillful execution.
Credits: hellomonday.com

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