Exhume these lively elements of our special thematic corpus:
–Christopher Turner on spiritualist history of Lily Dale, New York
–Catherine Hansen on the life-and-death relationship of Romanian writers Gherasim Luca and Gellu Naum
–Mats Bigert on Swedish funeral candy
–Deborah Lutz on reliquary books
–D. Graham Burnett on the polychromatic radiance of the dying dolphinfish
–Jonathan Allen on the rituals of the magician’s funeral
–Leland de la Durantaye on dying and beauty in Giacomo Leopardi’s philosophical dialogues
–Leopardi’s “Dialogue Between Fashion and Death”
And don’t throw dirt on us before considering:
–George Prochnik on the Jerusalem labyrinth
–Julia Sherman on the legacy of the 1968 Miss America pageant protests
–Jon Calame on the evocations of the emoticon
–Mary Walling Blackburn on the color teal
–Wayne Koestenbaum’s new “Legend” column
–Will Wiles on the Crash at Crush
–William Deringer on the fiscal and epistemic politics of stout
–George Pendle on Irving Langmuir and the symptoms of pathological science
–Geoff Manaugh on forensic topology and the LA bank burglar
–Justin E.
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