Six contemporary artists explore connections between the animate and inanimate worlds in Animate/Inanimate, marking the launch of the inaugural TarraWarra International 2013, which will expand the TarraWarra Museum of Art (TWMA) exhibition program to situate Australian art within a global context. 
Artists from around the world are creating haunting and beautiful works that consider the profound interconnections between diverse life forms (natural, animal and human). The exhibition will include installations, sound works, sculptural elements and video works by leading contemporary artists from Australia, the USA, India and China who explore the impact of global economic and climatic change on our natural environments and ask, “Can we find a ‘spirit’ in the inanimate?” 
Animate/Inanimate considers the natural and animal worlds and will feature a new evocation of Sydney artist Janet Laurence’s translucently veiled, sculptural installation Fugitive, drawing on the native Australian animal taxidermy collection of the Museums Victoria and poignant videos incorporating recorded footage of endangered wildlife from the nearby internationally renowned Healesville Sanctuary;  Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao’s All the Same, a 22-metre-long sculpture of synthetic human skeleton bones wrapped in multi-coloured silken threads and the new installation of pink skulls, Reaction; Indian artist Amar Kanwar’s film The Scene of Crime, charting through a lingering, poetic camera the resistance of local communities in Orissa, India, to the industrial interventions taking place; U.
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