Concept design, branding design and original cover art for the International Festival of Harp (Salsomaggiore, Italy). The festival pays tribute to the versatility of the harp and is an opportunity for harpists of all ages to catch up with friends, participate in workshops and ensembles, and meet music publishers and eminent harpists.

Chinese ink on paper, mixed media. The figures intertwine and merge, they poop, pee and live like ivy. Morbid, transsexual bodily fluids that mix semen and blood pearls: this is how the laces become perverse embraces.

This is the pagan story of a mother and her daughter, willing to do anything to protect the daughter’s unborn child: a little baby deer. Laces and embroidery form a fairy tale drawn on fabric that becomes a winter cardigan. The fabric tells a story with intricate embroidery. Exposed for the first time at Palazzo Cusani (Parma), the design was chosen by Pinko to decorate the precious Cardigan NAVETTE of the winter collection.

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