The flags are red. Ricordare l’impegno del movimento (sindacale). On 25 April 2013, Egypt Independent, founded in 2009, a young institution of 35 journalists and writers published its last issue. It has been forced to end. allahuma abtil sihr taa’ateel al ‘amal.
Beirut submits itself. 
What is an institution? And what can (art) institutions do? Can a multitude of institutions sing change? Can their canon of voices sound the autonomy institutional practice? What language do institutions speak? What language do they speak to money? If a school is an institution can we send institutions to school? What is an institution’s response-ability to the future? 
Kunsthalle Lissabon, CCA Derry~Londonderry, FormContent and Art in General were called on to address these questions; convening for The First Meeting (27–29 of April 2013) in Cairo and marking the launch of Season Three (26 April–30 June 2013).
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