“NUTCASE is a font that supports Pentagram’s redesign of Nuts.com’s identity and packaging, based on Michael Bierut’s hand-lettering. I included five versions of each character for the font, using OpenType coding to create a natural effect. Selected for Communication Arts and ADC Annuals.”

“SUPERIOR TITLE is a high-contrast Transitional typeface, inspired by early American designs and display fonts from the 1970s. A friend once described it as ‘Times New Roman went to a party.’” Available soon from vllg.com.

“SHIFT is inspired by slab-serifs from the late nineteenth century. In its lighter weights it takes on the personality of a typewriter font, and in the heavier styles acts as a titling Egyptian. Winner of the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design, TDC 2011.” Available for licensing at vllg.com.

Communication Arts

// From our friends at Communication Arts

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