In a move away from Mexican clichés and the brash, artificial world of party snacks, Manomasa projects a bold, characterful celebration of the ‘real’ tortilla chip. Humble yet proud, Manomasa was born on the back streets of Mexico, yet seeks to become symbolic of all that street food can be: visceral, vibrant, honest and human. Pearlfisher designed the brand strategy, name, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging for All Good. The product range pays tribute to the original Mexican Tortilla chip—the Totopo— whilst branching out into new tastes, sensations and textures inspired by the diversity and creativity of street food culture.

Creative Director Natalie Chung comments, “The Manomasa brand identity is simple yet celebratory; a proud statement of what these chips bring to the table with their real ingredients, generous spirit and desire to bring people together over delicious foodie experiences. The rich, yet contemporary, package allows us to showcase the depth of creation that has gone into each variant. A montaged illustration style celebrates the unique layers of taste and a bold, graphic language of expertise de-constructs each detail—from the specific shape and the 52 attempts it took to get the right texture and taste—to the best way to eat it beyond the bag. The brand speaks with the vision, expertise and real passion of its creators, reintroducing us to this heroic but often overlooked, tasty staple.”

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