Crime Stoppers Toronto is a non-profit organization aimed at fighting crime in Toronto. Their annual fundraiser—a three-course dinner where the police and the crime fighting elite of Toronto rub shoulders—is vital to receiving funds. Over the years, the Chief of Police Dinner had gained a reputation of being slightly too long and a little stale.

To refresh the event, The Toronto-based team at DDB Canada renamed it the Crime Stoppers Ball, and let invitees know it would take a different format and be more fun this year. So much fun in fact, that everyone was going to be there. This lead to the campaign slogan: “The perfect night to commit a crime.” The TV spot, invitation and print ads each demonstrated what might happen when all of Toronto’s crime fighting elite were celebrating in one place rather than protecting the city at large.

“By the way,” notes the DDB team, “if you hypothetically ever were to rob a bank; go with the ski mask. Pantyhose are awfully painful and make you look like a fool. Much like the criminals in our commercial.”

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