DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art is delighted to present the first major Canadian exhibition of Brooklyn-based artist Cory Arcangel.  Trained initially in classical guitar and music technology at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Cory Arcangel is no_ recognized as a major exponent of a pop-tinged, computer-centred art.   
Arcangel embraces the Internet’s anarchic potential and its utopian open-source culture, making _orks that question authorship, the status, and value of the art object. Exploring both the promises and deceptions of soft_are, electronic gadgets, games and other devices—_ith an emphasis on ho_ they become old and quickly outdated—Arcangel’s art eulogizes technology’s built-in obsolescence _hile also _ittily celebrating its noise, mindless repetitions, and inevitable failures.
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