The Extreme Games (X Games) has revolutionized the world of action sports. ESPN has established itself as the “Olympics of Action Sports” by hosting 65 X Games competitions in 14 countries worldwide.

ESPN’s creative director Christopher McClure hired theConspiracy to develop an X Games global toolkit inspired by the overall design direction of their marketing campaign, but could live on its own as a global direction for production initiatives with current and future X Games licensees. The toolkit’s foundation is the key action sports that are the global events.

theConspiracy took the idea of a kaleidoscope and the energy behind the imagery to create a dynamic and rich visual experience versatile enough to be used on numerous products. Everything from layered art combining multiple sports to typefaces, cultural words and logo manipulation.

Sean Mosher-Smith, creative director/designer at theConspiracy explained, “We created a diverse portfolio of work that would appeal to a global audience and resonate with fans and consumers of the lifestyle. We accomplished this with strict organization of elements for the different combinations of X Games sports and worked through an aggressive schedule. We are just now starting to see the results in products produced using our work.”

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