Bluecadet Interactive’s thoughtful approach to visitor encounters with this Latin American geometric abstraction exhibition employs a combination of native app, responsive web design and environmental graphics to create a comprehensive pre-, mid-, and post-visit gallery experience.

For the core of the gallery experience, Bluecadet built an intentionally simple, low-impact audio tour hosted by the visitor’s own smartphone via a 3G connection. Creative director Brad Baer elaborated, “You might be listening to commentary from a curator through your phone, but we still want to make sure you’re looking at the artwork.” The team intentionally separated the more interactive features from the audio tour elements so visitors wouldn’t be tempted to stay immersed in the digital experience while touring the gallery.

When viewers reach the site from a desktop computer, the experience changes drastically. Suddenly they find digital spaces for exploring the artwork that they wouldn’t see if they were on their smartphone in the gallery. For example, an “Interact” section presents a few art pieces, then poses questions such as “Which artwork appears to move the most?” to encourage appreciation of the artists who were exploring illusion in new ways. Once you make your selection, you’re encouraged to state why, and then see the results of other visitors’ choices. “This kind of immediate feedback is something that digital does really well,” said Baer, “so when visitors are in a space that complements a deep digital dive, we try and give them that opportunity.”

The website is just one part of a much larger project, that also includes an iPad app, title treatment, style guide, and wall graphics for the 10,000+ sq. ft. exhibition at the Reina Sofía in Madrid.

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