Besides acting as a trailer for the live-action feature film, ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ this site is also the latest Chrome Experiment, showcasing the latest abilities of the Chrome web browser.
Several layers of technology build the final experience, which includes character cut-outs, a music organ, a movie-maker and interactive touch points, which allow the user to personalize the experience and create moments they can share with their social network.

Designer/developers Unit9 reported, “Our biggest challenge was creating a storm that was both interactive, and yet had the right visual look. We wanted it to be soft and fluffy, and yet angry, intense and powerful. But making that a reality was a difficult technical and creative challenge that required a team of people with a very diverse range of skills and backgrounds.

“The interface is running in HTML/css, with key interactions utilizing the webcam and microphone through GetUserMedia, WebRTC and WebAudio. All those elements are built into a dynamic WebGL world. We used Sublime Text 2 as our main code editor and i3DLibrarian, a tool we created to convert the 3D files into a Three.js friendly and lightweight file. We coded the whole website in CoffeeScript and as a base of the project we used the following JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and of course, Three.js. The back-end is coded in Python 2.7 and deployed to Google AppEngine.”

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