Oscar-nominated filmmaker Richard Robbins came to Erin Sarofsky to discuss his latest project, Girl Rising. This documentary consists of nine different girls’ stories of how education factored into their life circumstances. Robbins’ approach to the film created a unique challenge for Sarofsky: How to create interstitials that present the hard facts in a way that won’t make people turn away?

The scenes produced by Sarofsky were shot in an open meadow in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This beautiful field, along with an unexpected layer of fog and cool, misty air, provided the perfect backdrop. These serendipitous environmental elements added another level of richness to the tonality of the footage. The matter-of-fact compositions, the girls’ understated performances, and the simple typography and illustrations all maintain the seriousness of the topic while creating something that allows people to connect with the information.
Credits: sarofsky.com

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