The bold and intelligent use of color, sleek typography and brilliant gesture-based interface employed in Rise should provide a real wake-up call to other app makers. “In most apps, setting/changing the wake up time requires a series of actions utilizing the common Apple dial component—an interface that has remained pretty much the same since the first iPhone,” said designer/developer Kellen Styler. In Rise, a single swipe gesture simplifies the setting process while ambient colors of the sky provide a visual confirmation of the current state: Is it really on? Am I setting it for 8AM or 8PM (we’ve all done that before).

“The removal of interface artifacts you are used to seeing makes the app seem less feature-rich or capable to some people,” notes Styler. “Gestures hide all this so well, it’s something many will need to get used to when trying these kinds of apps.
Still, many people have said they love using it (yes, an alarm clock) and that it has replaced their other alarm apps—in most cases the default Apple alarm. “This is amazing since we really admire Apple’s design sensibilities.”

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