The MACBA has organised this seminar so as to introduce its holdings of documents from the Philippe Méaille Collection of Art & Language, an important art collective that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1968 and played a crucial role in the birth of Conceptual Art. The seminar launches a critical inquiry into a particularly significant aspect of the collection—what is usually called ‘an early Conceptual Art practice’ and its subsequent mythologization. During this two-day seminar, the legacy of Art & Language—often regarded as radically uncompleted and radically inconclusive—will be the object of discussion and evaluation by artists and critics, including Matthew Jesse Jackson (Associate Professor of Art History, University of Chicago), The Jackson Pollock Bar (performance group), Elena Crippa (curator and researcher), Manuel Asensi (Professor, Philology Department, University of Valencia), Mel Ramsden and Michael Baldwin (members of Art & Language), and Carles Guerra (Chief Curator, MACBA).
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