In 2011, Toronto ad agency Lowe Roche launched the shocking “Make Death Wait” campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, awakening Canadians to the prevalence of heart disease and stroke and how it takes too many before their time. The ads stunned Canadians with the hard facts that heart disease & stroke is the number 1 killer of women and kills 1 in 3 overall.
Now that the firm had everyone’s attention, Lowe Roche asked “How can we inspire Canadians to begin to take action and ultimately change the odds in the next campaign?” The new reality is the average Canadian is living longer but not healthier, and in fact spending the last ten years of life in sickness. “We needed to show Canadians that even making small changes to your health behaviors can greatly decrease your risk of disease, and create more years of health and vitality. The video, and each piece in the campaign drives to, which provides Canadians with the tools and information they need to start making positive change.

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