With lusciously rich cinematography that makes your mouth water, this spot for Lurpak promotes the importance of a good quality butter in cooking, inspiring its audience with the belief that when it comes to good food, you get out what you put in. Forging three classic meals—cottage pie, bread & butter pudding, and macaroni & cheese—in three different kitchens, the spot is a thundering cacophony of industry—a sensory bombardment of human effort.

Wieden+Kennedy London elaborate on the thinking behind the Lurpak campaign: “Amidst the recessionary maelstrom and institutional collapse it’s hard to know where to turn and upon what to rely. In these circumstances, people take control where they can and reconnect with what matters most in life—they depend upon the familiar and age-old rituals. At the centre of this so often sits good food. Not just any food but big, proper, hearty meals. Lurpak recognises this and encourages people to look again through different eyes at the dishes traditionally called ‘comfort food’. These aren’t dishes to feel guilty about tucking into; this is the stuff that’s sustained us for centuries, the meals we can rely on again and again to get us through.”
Credits: wklondon.com
| lurpak.co.uk

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