Michael Doret is the letterforms artist and font designer behind Alphabet Soup Type Founders. To celebrate the release of his latest font Dynatype, Michael decided to create a limited-edition letterpress print to give away during its first month. He had already created retro-future themed graphics to help promote Dynatype. So for this image Michael envisioned a futuristic silhouetted skyline complete with rocket (based on a Buck Rogers Battlecruiser) taking off. After completing the graphics in Illustrator, he worked closely with Terrence Chouinard of Ithaca Typothetæ on the particulars of the letterpress printing, going through several rounds of proofing until the impression was right and the golden color was rich and vivid. The print giveaway succeeded, helping to promote Dynatype and generating great initial sales during its first month. The remaining prints in the edition are still available. Dynatype is the other half of The Dyna-Fonts Family—Dynascript having been released four months earlier.
Credits: michaeldoret.com

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