When owners of the Parisian bistro Barbershop asked designer Alexis Taieb to update the menus he had created two years earlier as part of their identity, Taeib took it upon himself to add a brand new typographic illustration as well. “They really trusted me, and I was very free to do wathever I want,” said Taieb, who works freelance under the name Tyrsa.
“The proportions reminded me of a big wall, and I decided to make a tribute to the work of Herb Lubalin and the wall he made at CBS headquarters in 1966, mixing different types of dishes and drinks. So I took 35 items from the Barbershop menu and composed this huge illustration with them, mixing different typefaces, of different inspiration and different times, that remind me of the eclectic customers that frequent the restaurant.”
Credits: tyrsa.fr

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