This is a stunning data visualization of the U.S. gun killings that occurred in 2010, as reported in the FBI’s Unified Crime Report. Periscopic chose to represent the data as a series of embers being extinguished as they travel along a real and projected life arc. The main design element is a visualization of what is not included in the data—the potential life that went un-lived by almost 10,000 people, amounting to more than 400,000 stolen years.

The site allows visitors to interact with each arc and reveal details of every incident. Visitors can explore gun type, race, sex, age, location, and whether or not the killing was part of a single or multiple shooting. Amazing statistics are uncovered, including the most popular weapon of choice: the handgun.

Periscopic hopes people will see the individual victims and not look at the aggregated numbers. “We’re not trying to analyze this data. This data was living and breathing, and has now been extinguished,” says Periscopics’s Dino Citraro. “We’d like to at least keep their memories alive.”

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