To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Edding wanted to surprise illustrators and designers with a drawing experience that takes place where this target group spends most of their time nowadays: online. Visiting artists choose one of ten Edding pens to draw with in a on-screen collaborative illustration. In the beginning, about 10,000 new drawings were added each week. After six months, the canvas consisted of over 150,000 drawings. Roughly 300,000 drawings fill an even larger canvas today.
It took two agencies—Thjnk (formerly known as Kempertrautmann) and Demodern—four to six months to build the site’s virtual canvas. Drawing in the space feels realistic and easy, though creating it was anything but. The secret was to build a reduced environment wherever possible.
Long-term hosting by BlueMars and a custom-developed content management system guarantee Edding’s full control over the pens and drawings all the time.

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