Albuquerque was saturated with huge, hardcore mixed martial arts gyms screaming about the hardness of their cores. The New Mexico Jiujitsu Academy couldn’t compete in that space. But jiujitsu doesn’t require you to be the biggest, strongest or most tattooed to win. It only requires you be the best trained. This poster campaign illustrated that when trained by the best, at a Gracie-Certified Training Center, even the geekiest of geeks can still become a legendary kicker of butts.

McKee Wallwork & Co. depicted the least likely butt-kickers imaginable to illustrate the concept and gave each a nom de combat to juxtapose what they can do with how they appear.

This complete turnaround from the expected image allowed the campaign to punch out of its weight class and win big. Since launch, memberships are way up and new executions are hitting the market regularly as momentum continues to build.

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