“When K2 Internacional contacted us to develop a corporate video, it was clear that we had to offer them a different solution to just showing typical school facilities. So, the first thing we did was work on a concept that would create a brand that could be developed over time. At Neosbrand, we always look for the emotions and sentiments that a service and product produces in people, so for this language school we envisioned the concept ‘Where words become memories’ and personalized it further with ‘Emily’s memories’.

“For the art direction we wanted a very natural image, where words carry a lot of weight and we spent four days drawing and illustrating the different typographies. The cast consisted of the actual students at the school and we went around the city for two days recording. We had a short story board, but wanted the concept and art direction to be free and natural, so did not know exactly what the final result would be until it was finished.”
Credits: neosbrand.com

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