Trafiq is the first club in 21st century Budapest that conjures up the carefree atmosphere that characterized the city’s nights a hundred years ago. “Our goal was to create an image that revives the vibe of the late nineteenth, early twentieth century, while also reinterpreting this vintage foundation by injecting it into a contemporary atmosphere,” said designer Miklos Kiss. “Therefore, the logo is based on a Roman-type font, and is mixed with a playful, classic ligature. The logotype contains the address, and thus locates itself. A ‘trafik’ was a type of tiny shop selling tobacco, sweets, newspapers, toys and other knickknacks, and was a real treasure island for children. I’ve purposefully created an image that reflects this specific feeling. The typography resembles broadsheet newspapers, while French cards, the essential accessories of early 20th century clubs and the typical souvenirs of a ‘trafik,’ serve as accentuated design elements. Trafiq has its own deck of cards, which, besides being used as business cards, fill various functions, further strengthening an already well-established visual identity.”

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