by Rebecca Bedrossian

I’m taking a workshop with my second grade daughter through the
Girls Leadership Institute. Real Parents/Real Daughters meets just
four times, but wow does it pack a punch. While I signed up thinking
to arm my daughter with tools to navigate this rapidly-changing digital
world, I find myself reaping the benefits as well, with reminders on
how to communicate effectively, express emotion, question and knowing
when to walk away. Body language, eye contact, tone of voice are
lost when so much of our communication takes place through email or

In Paul Soulellis’s “The Generosity Echo”, he recounts stepping away from the screen and being
present, literally, by standing on the street (I won’t say more, you
must read it).

I felt totally exposed, like a performer on stage. No amount of
mar­ket research could have prepared me for the uncertainty of
stand­ing in the street with my work, waiting for an interaction.
In my twenty-year career as a designer, I’d rarely come into
contact with the people I visualized while designing. In Weymouth,
I experi­enced the vulnerability—and privilege—of meeting every
person who received one of my books. And I witnessed the
remarkable, real-time creation of conversations and community
around my work.

Paul finishes, noting the power of real-time conversations. Through role
play, my daughter and I are practicing these skills together.

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