Burgopak teamed up with BERG to design the packaging for their first connected product—Little Printer. The product itself ‘lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from friends’ in the form of a small printed newspaper. The first ‘hello’, was fundamental to the design of the packaging. Despite challenges protecting fragile parts of the device it was imperative Little Printer’s face was the first thing you see. The entire unboxing process needed to feel considered. Delightful graphics were developed to wrap around and introduce each part of the product. All connect as a broader narrative which encapsulates the cheery tone of voice, synonymous with the product. As well as minimizing the size, Burgopak also designed each part of the packaging to be delivered flat. This helped reduce assembly times, shipping costs and allowed the packaging to be stored efficiently for assembly at the point of fulfillment.”
Credits: www.burgopak.com

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