This firm’s old site had been up for almost seven years; it was time for a refresh that carried the same impact and allure as the original site that FINE Design created for it. This new site is a work of art and a fitting evolution of the previous version.

The firm has a deep portfolio that required a deep navigation but wanted to keep the interface as image-based as possible. A dropdown global nav suits the clean and minimalist “the work speaks for itself” concept that the studio was looking for and a randomized and scaling masonry project list pages are an interactive way to offer a peek into projects without having to commit to clicking all the way into the project. The full-screen images throughout the portfolio are supported by detailed information behind a curtained panel.

• Development spanned nine months from start to finish.

• Image size is calculated by and responsive to browser width. The full bleed imagery presented challenges with regard to cropping and sizing the images in realtime for different browser aspect ratios and scaling.

• The portfolio presented challenges because there are sub-categories for only some of the sections but project lists for all of them; the challenge was to organize the elements efficiently in a usable and yet minimalist fashion.

• Video, imagery and other media is all dynamically managed through a custom backend data management tool and scales based on need of the client.

• The file structure is a typical MVC setup—URL requests are routed through controllers that pull data from models and transfer it to views.

Communication Arts

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