Józef Robakowski. My Own Cinema is a new publication portraying a precursor of the film neo-avant-garde and the co-creator of the video art scene in Poland. An artist whose image combines that of an experimenter and media analyst with those of an anarchistic neo-Dadaist and self-declared nihilist; heir to the traditions of the avant-garde, enthusiast for cultural peripheries, valued teacher, and indefatigable opponent of institutional hierarchies.
The publication offers an insight into Józef Robakowski’s artistic practices, which are viewed from two different, yet interlocking perspectives: “expanded cinema” and “personal cinema.” On the one hand, it examines the artist’s participation in the neo-avant-garde rebellion of the seventies, for example, as co-founder of the Workshop of Film Form (1970–1977), a key formation for the next generations of creators and investigators of new media art.
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