by Rebecca Bedrossian

The big game is this Sunday, and while much of the country will be tuned in to watch the HarBowl between the Niners and the Ravens, there are those of us who wait for the break between huddles, first downs and field goals to catch the most expensive advertising on television. Almost 30 years after the infamous Apple “1984” spot aired, are Super Bowl ads still game changers?

Yesterday American Public Media’s Marketplace, in an attempt to answer that question, looked at what works—movie trailers, dramatic sound, celebrities and animals, and what doesn’t—talking about your product. Because of this, longer ads and compelling narratives have emerged, entertaining us during time outs and while referees review plays. But do most Americans remember which car company ‘s ad featured Clint Eastwood? I thought it was Chevy. It was Chrysler.

“[Advertising] is not supposed to be an entertainment medium,” says marketing consultant Jonathan Salem Baskin. “They’re trying to sell stuff.”

Do you agree?

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