The team at Spark Agency came up with a brilliant concept that’s both timeless and meaningful to Martin Guitar’s loyal followers and commissioned photographer Jimmy Williams to interpret it. The concepts and locations are not only significant in musical history but the artists were photographed in the locales that most influenced their careers. Nashville’s celebrated venue, The Station Inn, was the setting for Dierks Bentley where, from a poster-filled corner, he absorbed the classic sounds of the folks that led the way in Bluegrass and Roots music. L.P. was photographed at the legendary Ocean Way Recording Studio on Sunset Boulevard where artists like Sinatra and Orbison, who resonate deeply in her vocal and personal style, made timeless music. The sounds and musicians (Crosby, Young, Taylor) that came out of Laurel Canyon were especially influential in John Mayer’s most recent album Born and Raised. And John Dee Holeman, was fittingly photographed at a crossroads with the moon shining down, in homage to blues icon Robert Johnson who, as legend has it, sold his soul to the devil for mastery over his guitar.


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