DDB New York’s new campaign, in partnership with non-profit organization WATERisLIFE, attempts to eliminate the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag on Twitter. It’s the first-ever mission to wipe out, instead of promote, a trending hashtag. #FirstWorldProblems showcases concerns that seem important to those living in wealthy, industrialized countries, yet are, in fact, trivial compared to people struggling to survive.

Currently, there are approximately five #FirstWorldProblems tweets per second. Though meant in jest, the tweets about “problems”—having to get up to change the TV channel or a phone charger that won’t reach the bed—also reveal a lack of sensitivity about serious social and health concerns and the ways that social media users can help alleviate them.

DDB NY and a film crew traveled to Haiti (the poorest region in the Western Hemisphere, with an average annual salary of $ 100) to film a variety of locals reading aloud a series of #FirstWorldProblem tweets. Each resulting response video was tweeted to the original #FirstWorldProblems author with a simple call to action: Donate to help solve real problems. (A collection has been edited into a single 60-second video.) The effort is designed to raise awareness of the plight of those less fortunate and put our privileged lives into perspective, with the ultimate dual goal of ending the hashtag and raising money to fight world thirst.
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