Blacklist’s latest work for ad agency Partners Spade is an adventure in mixed media and the first ever television commercial for fashion eyewear brand Warby Parker. The unique and whimsical spot debuted nationwide in September and is a tour through the collective Warby Parker brain. Inside it are submarines, cheetahs, skylines, chess games, whiskey, binoculars, books, 1960s Indian psychedelic rock and about a thousand other things. Most importantly, though, people will find glasses. Perfect, superbly crafted glasses—at a very happy price.

Combining three art forms (live film, collage and animation) to tell the company’s story in thirty seconds, the spot follows two eyeballs on their quest for stylish spectacles, while trying to keep their budget, and unicycles, balanced. With its throwbacks to low-tech artforms, the ad fulfills Warby Parker’s core value of injecting fun and quirkiness into every endeavor. As the eyeballs ride, they pass bespectacled citizens enjoying their fashionable Warby Parker frames and indulging in activities with their newfound perfect vision. The two eyeballs ride home and use the Warby Parker website to order their frames and lenses, cutting out the middleman and saving time and money.

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