This stationery set for Australia-based design studio Filter Studio Pty Ltd. uses existing print techniques in unique ways to make the most of a small budget. The concept was based on creating a conversation point around the importance of print quality, specialty design and collaboration with suppliers. The letterhead and with compliments slip are printed in single color black on both sides on 118gsm Enhance Silk; the backs are printed black with the exception of the logo (which is printed in reverse to create a showthrough effect on the front). The business card is white foil stamped on 450gsm Jet Black Keaycolor card with a laser cut and perforated logotype that makes the card a toy.

The suppliers provided very specific and invaluable technical information regarding the project and their knowledge (how the paper would react to the amount of ink, how to get the best result for showthrough, how the laser would react to the black cards and how best to create the folded section of the logo) was integral to the creative process.

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