Green Hat Gin (by New Columbia Distillers) is the first hard-spirits distiller in the District of Columbia since prohibition. This site, with a design based on the line’s print collateral, serves as its main marketing tool.

With a home page stitched together via several WordPress pages, the site is pleasantly lacking the heavy-handedness of most alcohol sites. It’s a visually engaging and easy to navigate site that encourages exploration. And the content pays off with history about the Man in the Green Hat (George Casey) and an authentic look at the company and the current owners who live on Capitol Hill and brew the hard-stuff just across town in the warehouse land of northeast DC.

• The site was a start/stop process as Green Hat Gin secured the city permits and applications to distill hard spirits and waited for the distillery to arrive from Germany; in all, design/development time was four to five weeks.

•  Custom WordPress shortcodes are used in the editable content areas
to help keep necessary HTML coding down to a minimum (which, since
custom HTML is needed to support the different scrolling boxes, helps
reduce the chance of “breaking” the site).

• All images are catalog, stock or drawn by hand and “etched” to match styles; jQuery libraries help control the different scrolling animations.

• Since people are beginning to hear about Green Hat Gin, but still are not able to buy it, the site is a key component of the marketing plan until it arrives on store shelves.

• In addition to the site, Design Army also designed the logo, bottles and labels.

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