This new site vastly improves the school’s ability to showcase its remarkable students and faculty, their works and projects and its diverse events and exhibitions. The launch coincided with the inauguration of the school’s tenth president.

The site serves as a platform for the institution’s goal of
broadening its reach and influence in addressing local and global
audiences; site editors are able to feature far more images depicting campus life and the engineering, architecture and art projects produced by the students and faculty.

The design incorporates images of spaces around the school (background images are a curated set of photographs featuring
the school’s architectural details that change on page refresh) to evoke a feeling of immersion in the physical environment.

The navigation redesign was of primary importance: To speak to the core audience of students, parents and alumni, links are positioned within the global nav for easy access. Additionally, site content is broken into four succinct categories, with associated mega menus that organize related subcategories, that draw visitor attention to key areas. The navigation also functions as a bridge between future-thinking work and the historical values established by founder Peter Cooper through an interactive bar that sits just above the footer on each page and allows users to easily access information panels about his philosophy and key notes from the school’s history.

• Behavior created an algorithmically-generated interactive version of the new Cooper Union logo representing the unity between the school’s science and art philosophy.

* The frontend is built in HTML5 using jQuery and CSS 3, supported by a customized Drupal content management system and PHP5 on the backend.

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