Austin-based indie ad agency Door Number 3 recently launched a new campaign for State Highway 130 (SH 130) segments 5 and 6—a new 41-mile stretch between Austin and San Antonio that will alleviate commuter stress. It’s that relief around which the campaign (outdoor, radio and TV) is built. Using humor and over-the-top situations, it communicates the message that the new extension is an investment in transportation in the region and that people will be so swept away by the amazing new road that they will actually love it, hence the tagline, “Can You Love a Road?”

In this spot, a father is reading a SH 130 bedtime story to his two children. As he reads about this wonderful new road with no traffic jams and no angry people honking their horns his little girl looks up, and asks, “No indecent gestures?” He laughs, and continues with how mommies and daddies can now get to their kids to soccer games on time. The children smile, and ask him to read the book again.

State Highway 130 Segments 5 and 6 are slated to open by the end of 2012.

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