by Rebecca Bedrossian

There’s an art to creating movie titles. Done well, they inspire and prepare. Think Saul Bass. In our November/December issue, writer Julie Prendiville Roux speaks with Michael Riley and his team at Los Angeles motion graphics house Shine about how to make each frame count:

Created as either main titles, at
the beginning of the film, or main-on-end, at the end of the movie,
titles are an inextricable part of the movie, and therefore they are a part of the movie.
A director turning his or her movie or TV show over to a motion
graphics company or artist initiates a very delicate negotiation. Are
the titles there to set the tone? Further the story at the end? Do they
foreshadow what is to come?

While this issue, also featuring Chris Buzelli, Leda & St.Jacques and TOKY, is not to be missed, I highly recommend reading Shine online at commarts. Screengrabs are one thing on the printed page, motion online is quite another.

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