Bi-coastal production company Stardust recently delivered a ten-spot campaign for Corona promoting their “Find Your Beach ”sweepstakes (several lucky fans will win trips to prime football destinations). Stardust was recruited for the project through San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell to develop a series of fast-paced, high-energy animated shorts in a contemporary hand-drawn graphic novel style.

The campaign debuted on Facebook and YouTube and celebrates the start of the football season and features over eleven minutes of simple and quirky illustration/animation that echos the signature rapid-fire delivery of narrator Jon Gruden. Each of the ten spots is just over one minute and extols the football cred of Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Knoxville, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and New Orleans. (Shown: Gruden’s Guide to Oakland)

There was no live action shoot for this campaign: To help guide the animation and characters a team of eleven spent two months developing the style and look for the project working off of scripts developed by the agency and referencing photographs and footage of Jon Gruden and NFL games. The loose illustrative style of the animation was achieved using a combination of hand drawn Flash-based cell animation finished in Adobe After Effects, together with Autodesk’s Maya for the characters.

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